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Titleist golf bag ideas



Been looking for a cart bag that will lock in my clubs so that they do not move around while driving in a cart or walking with my push cart.  I can't stand bag chatter and all the dings that come with it (just my preference).  I've looked into Bagboy (way too ugly) and also the Ogio Chamber (not bad).  

I wish Titleist would design a bag like the Ogio Chamber in a cart version and a carry version.  I would definitely jump on that. 

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  1. Ken W

    If bag chatter really bothers you, you might as well get iron covers. Over the long term, they do the best job and can always be replaced. They muffle noise too. My preference is Club Glove as they make superior products at every level. You might run into an occasional person who gives you an old fashioned ribbing for having the covers, but that used to happen with putter covers not too long ago. Scotty Cameron,Ping, and Bobby Grace pretty much ended that. Hey, they're your clubs so tell anybody to take a long walk off a short pier!

  2. 808HACKER

    Thanks Ken.

    I was inquiring about this type of particular bag was because I have AP2 712 irons and I was told not to use headcovers on them because it'll speed up the process of rusting my forged irons, if I put them on while the club head is a little wet.  I try to wipe down my clubs after every shot and if I don't get it completely dry I'd hate to put on those covers and have it rusting my clubs.  I do have headcovers now, but only use them when I am traveling from home to the course, then I weave a long towel between irons.

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