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Titleist club verification



I've sent emails to Titleist customer service but did not get a reply back.  I'm interested in sending in my clubs to Titleist to verify if they are authentic.  I recently purchased a set of AP2 712's from Ebay...yeah I know "cardinal sin", and it did not have a security sticker on the 6 iron.  Since it was a custom set, there are serial numbers on all the hosels and when I checked with Titleist, they told me that when they left Titleist it came with a different shaft.  I've have also tried to do a side to side comparison with genuine clubs from GG and they look the same.  Lastly,  does the paint-fill come off easily on these clubs, cause I noticed on the 8 iron the paint-fill on the hosel "712"  the 2 is rubbed off or missing.  Possible that the factory missed one?

Kind regards.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If you have purchased clubs from a 'non authorized' pro shop or Ebay, you can write to our Brand Protection team with all your information and they will let you know how to proceed. .  We don't bring in clubs for verification unless instructed by our Brand Protection Team. 

    When you contact us with your serial number, unless the reshaft was done by us, we can only tell you the specs of the clubs when they left here.  Your seller should be able to tell you if they have reshafted the clubs and from what shaft to what shaft.  As far as paint fill, the paint fill can come off, although it should not come off easily.  If you purchase from Ebay, ultimately, you have to trust that the seller is honest.  Most sellers are honest, but there are always the few that aren't.

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