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Potent 3 wedge setup (with AP1 PW)

Lou G

AP1 PW, SM4 52-12 and 60-10 (bent to 59*).    

I was basically making mincemeat out of the Miramar practice greens with the 52-12 today (the sand is firm and was dropping shots within a foot or two and also generally nailing pitch shots within a foot or two).  Have to practice at Adm Baker (has a soft bunker and a large practice green with a deep-wet bunker). 

I've been using the 60-10 pretty much exclusively for greenside bunkers and within 40 yards.  It even conquered the Bunker From Hell (#8 at Riverwalk Friars in San Diego; it is 8 ft from the bottom of the bunker to the putting surface).

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  1. Lou G

    Also took the 52-12 to Admiral Baker (has a soft bunker and small practice green near the driving range and a wet bunker with large fast practice green near the clubhouse; the latter has some pretty hardpan lies).   Performed admirably well.  Just have to play more digging shots off tight lies.

  2. Warren B

    Wow - what's your hcap?

  3. Lou G

    12 and dropping.  Now that I have my golf setup streamlined and optimized, need to zero in on putting.

    My profile photo shows my current bag.  I found I fare better choking down on the 7 wood  vs using a 21H (I have my 910F 19* set  at B3 so it plays as a 7 wood) and there was little distance gain between the 24H and 27H. 

    This is almost a return to my 2007-2009 setup (was playing Golfsmith P2 PW and GW thru 2008 with Vokey 258-12 and Alien 64-05 wedge; I changed the P2 GW to a 50* MacGregor V Foil).   I just about used the 58 exclusively for short game within 50 yards.  The GW had their shortcomings - the P2 was OK on the fairway and not good for long bunker shots and the V Foil was opposite.

    From 2009-2011 I played with do-it-yourself irons (Snake Eyes Q3I 7-SW) with Vokey SM2 60-07 and  64-07. 

    I upgraded to Eye 2 irons (5-W but didn't use the 5 or 6) in Mar 2011 so that necessitated changing my sand wedge to SM c-c 54-11.  I probably used that sand wedge for at least 2/3 of my short game and have had it in my bag until May of this year (went to a 54-14 when I changed my irons to AP1). 

    I traded the 60-07 and 64-07 for a SM c-c 62-07 about May 2011 mainly because the former 2 were "situational" clubs (60-07 for turf shots and 64-07 for deep bunkers with soft sand and the occasional drop it on a dime shot from soft turf).  The 62-07 worked better in a wider variety of situations. 

    I got a SM c-c 58-04 probably about October of last year.  Played like an old school sand wedge and it actually worked well in greenside bunkers with soft sand (the sole is pretty wide and the leading edge has quite a bit of bounce).  Didn't get a lot of use on the turf near the greens. 

    The 50-08 was one of those "oh, by the way" things.  I saw an SM2 for $29 at Golf Galaxy last summer and took it to the golf course and found out it worked better than my Eye 2 W around the greens.  I used the refund price to apply toward a SM c-c 50-08 (I set it up for 51* loft with the Eye 2s and found it worked much better than my W and I started nailing a lot of pitch shots).   When I upgraded the irons to AP1, I set the loft to 49* and shortened the shaft to 35.25" (still works OK for long bunker shots).

    I changed the 58-04 and 62-07 to the SM4 60-10 (I bent it to 59).  I find the 60 rather versatile and it actually stops the ball better vs the 62.  I've been using it just about exclusively from 40 yards and less (except for the occasional bump n run with the 50 or 54).

    I still have the 50 and 54 in reserve.  Believe it or not, the 54-14 works off tight lies mainly because of the narrow sole and its main use has been medium length bunker shots.  The intent of the 52-12 is (just like the 60) to have one club for more situations vs two clubs for specific shots.  I think the 52 will fare better on one certain shot at Riverwalk Friars #8 - carrying the "Bunker From Hell" from 80 yards; the 54 is a bit risky because I have to take a full swing and the 50 is less work but the ball ends up on the back of the green.  Also, the 54 doesn't get a lot of use since I have had the 50 in the bag.




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