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Is there any news re the Titleist 913 Hd Utility irons


Hi Titleist,  

Is there any news regarding the Titleist 913 Hd Utility irons?  That is a the part of the my game I am keen to improve this year.



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The 913 Hybrids will be launched early February along with the 913 Fairways..  The Hd version is still in proto stage and no plans to launch right now. 

  2. J.

    Bummer. The Hd is/was the club I was most looking forward to (waiting for actually) as a 3-iron replacement... even ordered my 712 cb/mb's without the 3i in anticipation. Hope you guys reconsider.

  3. John L

    hahaha if you need a non tour pro tester for that club i would be glad to volunteer.

  4. Steven B

    I cant wait to hit those new Hybrids and woods. Im ready to add them already!!!

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