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Big Headed Drivers

Anthony D

Is there anyway that TT can come out with a driver the head size of the 983K? Love this size head for my driver. I have trouble hitting the big headed drivers. I know it has something to do with my swing but this is the only club I have trouble with. HELP!!!!!!

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  1. Clay S

    Titleist has long been #1 in irons used on Tour, among, Club professionals, etc., and have long been the most expensive. So, why are the serial numbers on the hosels from the Custom dept., pro shops, etc. always look like such a cheap etching. Why can't Titleist laser the numbers in a subtle discreet way. The way you are doing them now cheapens the product! When I spend $1000 for new set of irons I should have a choice in how those useless serial numbers look!

  2. Christian J

    I doubt Titleist will go back to that size of drivers, because the days of the small drivers have past.  Everything now is around 460cc for head size.  Too me the new ones are easier to hit than the old ones though.

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