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Thank you!

Barry B

Thank you team Titleist and Cathi, for helping me coordinate the warranty repair of my beloved Titleist golf equipment.   Just got them back today.  Hope to use them very soon!!

Barry Bryant

Southeastern, MA

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  1. Nick P

    Out of curiosity, what was the repair?  About a month ago, my bag was knocked over before a fundraiser scramble.  With no padding under the driver headcover, I found a big dent on the top of my club head.  It made me sick.  The driver is that of a competitor and they did not work with me at all to get a replacement head.  Basically was told, too bad and all they can do is sell me a new driver and not just a new head.  Well, I WILL be coming back to Titleist because the tone of the customer service rep really made me mad.  They lost a customer.  It was the first and only club I will buy from them.  I would like to think that Titleist would have tried to help me out.  As for the existing driver, I can't even look down on it.  Big dents don't look good on a white club head.  All I wanted was to purchase a new head at fair market value.  I'll have a new driver in the bag when next golf season rolls around.  Probably a 95% chance it will have a Titleist logo.

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