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Titleist has done it again !!!!

Dave K 21

   Well done Titleist well done. I got my new 913 D3 8.5 yesterday and like a kid I was unable to sleep last night. Perfect timing , get it on a Wed and have a 9 a.m. Tee time Thurs. One problem, we have a tropical strom churming here near us,but was it going to stop me from hitting my new stick? Um NO!!!! So out we went, I tried I mean I really tried, to go through my normal routine, Sandwedge, 8, 6,4iron, a few 3 woods then the big stick, well I did but the hits with the longer irons seemed to get fewer and fewer. I grabbed the New Girlfriend, and Boom!!! I laughed and said no way, Boom again and again and again. Nice perfect launch low spin and for once I am getting roll. Thanks Again!! Cant wait till tomorrow to put it on the launch monitor!!!!

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  1. greg p

    Attaboy!  Happy to see you didn't let a little thing like a tropical storm stop you from hitting your new toy.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the 913 myself but looks like I will have to wait til spring to do so.  Enjoy!

  2. Dave K 21

      Thanks Greg, will not be denied. Tee time tomorrow. Gotta love Titleist !! Now waiting on the new balls to come out and the blades next year!!

  3. Manuel M

    Hey Dave,

    Just wanted to say that I tried the 913 D2 today and I loved every swing i took with it. It was so forgiving and I cant wait to put this one in my bag. I hope its treating you well and I hope your shaving strokes with it. Best of luck.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  4. matt P

    That's awesome Dave congrats.. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those

  5. Dave K 21

     Thanks Manny it has been doing just fine in my bag, the girlfriend is not to happy about the club in the bed though, LOL Great club I really like it. Im sure you will enjoy yours as much as I do.

  6. Cody D

    Lots of Driver love out there right now. I got my 910 D3 last season so I'm not in the market for the 913 D but possibly an 913F. I keep hearing lots of good things. Can't wait to demo the 913D...sounds awesome

  7. Mark N

    I have a fitting scheduled for the 16th of November with the Titleist rep at my local EW for a 913 D3. So looking forward to it. Let us know how the launch monitor stats looked. Good luck.

  8. Dave K 21

    Mark I work at the E.W. and have put it up againt the old one. The numbers are close but this one just puts out better one for me.I seem to hit it lower and just a bit less spin. Good luck with your fitting and Im sure you will enjoy it.


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