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Anyone tried the 913 driver yet?

Manuel M

Tomorrow I will get to try the 913 driver and I can't express how ecstatic I am. It really is going to be such am awesome experience with Titleist. So has anyone tried it out yet? If so let me know all of what you thought about it.

thank you

Respectfully, Manny.

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  1. Victor M

    I had a fitting yesterday.driver feels hot and has a great look.placing my order tomorrow. 


  2. jeff l

    i got mine on Saturday and played wit it Sunday the sound and feel is really nice cant wait for the fairway wood and hybrid to come out  

  3. Justin M

    I haven't had a chance to hit the new driver yet, but was super impressed with the 910 and can only imagine how well the new 913 will be.  The club looks absolutely gorgeous. 

  4. Hotsauce

    Sweet!  I can't wait to hit one.  You'll have to post some pictures and give us a playing review once it comes in.

  5. Ron M.

    Getting fitted on Saturday and will update experience...I just became a golfer after 15 years of beating the ball around the course . I'm upgrading my clubs too fit my new swing...I know now that the shaft will effect my ball flight and spin..I have 1 ? about shaft choice....Does Titleist use original mfg shafts or a cheaper model of them..I thinking of using the rip-60 if that fits my swing...thx

  6. Dustin S

    Every Shaft Titleist offers in the 913 is the real deal. Not the cheap versions. I was lucky enough to hit the 913 almost 2 months ago via my rep. You will be extremely impressed with it.

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    All the shafts used for the 913 will be aftermarket shafts with the exception of the Bassara W.  Tthe reason we are carrying forward our proprietary shaft is because we have PGA and Champions Tour players using it and it works really well for those who are looking for a very lightweight shaft.

  8. Ron M.

    Thank you for your reply but, my ? about the aftermarket shafts is if they are original aftermarket or a cheaper model made for Titleist

  9. Ron M.

    Thanks Dustin for your reply....It's good to here that they are the real deal....I heard that some where cheaper models.

  10. James S

    I was fortunate to try the 913 D3 at Redtail Golf in Portland while on a business trip. They are the only place I have seen with a lefty model and all the shafts you could ask for. It is the real deal! I am very excited to do a fitting later this year. Jim
  11. Justin H

    I go to try it Sunday and it felt and sounded amazing the ball flight was better to,

  12. Jeffrey S

    Went to the local Golf Galaxy here in Vegas last night to hit the 913D3.  Played the 909D3 for a few years and went to the latest TM offerings looking for something better.  Never hit the TM drivers as well as my old 909D3, which I stupidly sold, in search of something better.

    Well, the 913D3 seems to be the real deal and as good looking and feeling as the old 909D3 but now adjustable.  Only hit the Phenom 70 as have hit the + series Diamanas already in other drivers and didn't like either, Blue spins too much and the Black feels like a brick.  The Phenom 70 seems pretty smooth and lively.

    The 913D3 launched a tad higher than my current RBZ set up but didn't have as much left in it and was pretty low spin.  The RBZ has a really low spin knuckler once in a while but the 913D3 seemed very consistent in launch, spin and ball speed.  Plus didn't have the left of left miss off the toe the RBZ has.

    Will be buying a 913D3 for sure when they are available in a few weeks!

  13. jordan l

    No but it sounds like one of the better drivers on the market.

  14. Colton T

    I have never had a Tittleist driver before, Currently I have the R9. I've done a lot of research on the new 913 D2. But what is the Tittleist 913 going to give me that say TM and Cally can't give me. I'm looking for some more distance but also control.

    Thanks, Colton

  15. chip k

    I have the 910 D3 with the Aldila RIP shaft (and love it). Do the 913's allow for taking a shaft from that driver and putting it into the 913? Anyone going from the 910 to the 913 and seeing any major difference?

    Are new hybrids and fairway woods coming? I'm ready for an upgrade.

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