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Titleist 913D2 Driver (which shaft?)

Qasim M

I am a 12 handicapper. Been using R9 Super tri Regular Shaft. The current shaft on my driver is 



Fujikura Motore 60

  • The Fujikura Motore 60 is the stock shaft option for the R9 SuperTri driver. This shaft weighs 59 grams and has a butt (grip end) diameter of .600 inches. This butt diameter will dictate that grips with a .600 inch diameter be used to ensure proper grip sizing. The Motore 60 also has has a strong torque rating of 3.5 for M and R flex and 3.4 for S and X flex. Shaft torque is a rating that measures the amount of lateral shaft twisting at the clubhead during the golf swing

I have been using this driver for the past 2 years and my driver setting is on full draw. I am averaging around 250-260 yards currently and dont really have problem with my driving accuracy. I am upgrading to Titleist 913D2 driver. The reason for my upgrade is to slightly get a better / newer driver to increase my distance by 5-10 yards minimum.


I did my custom fitting with callaway a few months back. The numbers I have are for my 6 iron. Club head speed: 76.4, Ball speed 111.3. As a thumb of rule I am guessing my club head speed with the driver would be around 85-90mph and ball speed would be around 135mph.


I wanted help in deciding which shaft I should get with my new driver. 

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