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910 vs 913

chris b

what has more spin, the 910D2 or the 913D2??  I currently play the 910 with the RIP shaft (60 g) .... has a nice feel but the trajectory is not what I am looking for ... want a more boring ball flight that will add a little roll.  The flight I have now is all carry ... seems to apex at the end and just drop out of the sky.  Needless to say,  I don't like playing in the wind! :)  Was looking to possibly change to the 913 D3 this year but wasn't sure it would make much difference??  Is spin more based on clubface interaction or a combination of shaft and clubface??  I understand that was why many of the tour pros did not play the 910D2 because it had too much spin off the face .... vs the 913 D2 this year has a lot less.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!  thanks .... and hit'em straight!

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The new 913 D2 is designed to launch and spin the same as the 913 D3, so it does launch and spin lower than the 910 D2.  The difference between the 913 D2 and the 913 D3 will be the forgiveness in the head and the fact that you will be able to turn the D2 head over easier than wih a 913 D3. 

    Tour players generate so much speed that spin does become an issue and many would prefer to play a slight cut which they can control so both are reasons that you saw many playing the 910 D3 over the 910 D2.  You may see players gravitate to the more forgiving D2 as the launch and spin have been reduced in the new 913 heads.

  2. chris b

    thanks .... I guess I will have to go hit them both and see what differences I get with spin and launch angle.  thanks again for the insight :)

  3. Neil C

    Hi Cathi -

    What would the comparison be between the 910D3 and the 913D3? 

    FWIW, I am currently playing the 910D3 with a Rombax 6Z08, X-flex,setting C1.


  4. Titleist lover

    If your drives are ballooning try taking some loft out. I was hitting my 910 all over the place changed my loft and I'm now hitting a consistent power fade at 280 and up. Just me but you already have a good club get fit for cheaper than buying a new club.

  5. Bryan A

    have you hit on a launch monitor? I've had that same problem with drives that balloon up high and drop straight down. Chances are the culprit is that are hitting down, or possibly even, at the ball and not up on the ball. Hitting down on drives will create a huge amount of backspin and cause the ball to go abnormally high and fall straight down.

    if this is the case, the loft difference won't help at all whether you're playing a 9.5* or a 13*. driver head and shaft choice will help moderately, but not be a total fix. the Aldila is a low/mid spin/launch, so you're not really going to fix the problem with any other shaft choice. I have found that the 910D2 spins more than I anticipated, even with a Motore F1 55 shaft. so a D3 or a 913D2 may help somewhat.

    but the biggest thing is to make absolutely certain that you are hitting UP. if you are still hitting abnormally high and the ball contact marks are toward the top of the clubface no matter how you tee the ball, chances are you are hitting down. I fixed my problem by making certain that my spine is tilted away from the target at address and keeping it tilted back all the way through impact. I also brought the club back higher and slightly past parallel more than "experts" recommend, almost like a Bubba style backswing (though not THAT far past parallel). bringing it this far back allows the hips to fire forward sooner than the shoulders and hands have time to get back to the ball so you're in a better position to launch it properly. If you're hitting down, it's probably because your shoulders and arms/hands are getting to the ball before your hips have a chance to fire out.

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