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Bryan H

Last year i purchased the 712 MB with the DG Tour Issue s300 shafts. I went with the DG's based on  range fitting, but when I played with them i found them to be very ballooning and shorter than my previous irons that I had Project X's in. I ended up switching my 712's to Project X 6.0 and was mush happier with the lower ball flight and longer carry. I am now reading and hearing that the KBS C-taper may perform even better than the Project X's....anyone have any good feedback? i am a 2.5 handicap that can carry a 6 iron 175-180yds/

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  1. Jeff S

    You sound very similar to me.  I hit my 6 iron right at 175.  I also use the Project X 6.0 shafts in my AP2 710's.  I hit the KBS c-taper at a demo day recently in the AP2 712.  They felt amazing and were a little bit longer.  Might have been a little bit 712 and a little bit C-Taper.  The ball flight was very similar.  They did feel very smooth though

  2. Mac P

    Hi, Bryan

    I played AP2s with Project X 6.0 for 5 years. Loved them and never thought of changing back. 

    This year I purchased a set of 712 CBs and subsequently reshafted them with KBS C-Taper S+. I couldn't be more happy. They have a totally different feel, but it is one that I love. They feel very stiff and heavy, but my ball flight is much better, much lower. 

    I hit a high ball and I've noticed a big difference in spin and flight, both are much more controlled. The shafts come in S/S+/X . I like the S+ because of the weight. If you hit a high ball and tend to spin it a lot, go with the C-Taper and don't look back. They are amazing. I put one in my 52 degree Vokey as a test and it took the spin down considerably. I know several guys who only reshafted to the 9 iron because of the very low spin rate they create.

    I play to about a 1 or 2 handicap. 

    Good luck :)

  3. Brian B

    I am a scratch golfer and have the 710 CBs with the KBS tour c taper shafts and I love the feel of them. It penetrates the ball flight a little more and the feel is amazing. I will never have another set of irons with any other shafts

  4. Coy G


    Thanks for the info.  I am a scratch player currently using Project X 6.5 in my ZB's.  I hit the ball very high with alot of spin.  I have been reading about the C-Tapers and went so far as to put them in my basket on Golfworks.  A few of my acquaintances are rolling to them from the DG Tour issue.  Just wanted a little more in formation before dropping the $$$ on them.  Thanks.


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