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913D2 Head Rattle?

John M

Picked up a 913D2 9.5 today from the local shop.   Noticed that there is a rattle in the head?   Took off the shaft and back weight and noticed what looks like dust from machining in the head -- a very fine powder?!?  Put everything back together and tightened all of the screws.  I can still here a fine material swishing around in the head.  Is there anyway to get rid of this?   Has anybody else experienced this?

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  1. Anthony L

    i'm experiencing the same thing, i'm gonna see if titleist will do something about it by taking in golf town, but looks like there hasn't been an answer to your question from the titleist blog.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Please take your dirver back to your authorized pro shop and have them set up a Warranty inspection and repair.  I spoke to the Warranty department and they have not heard about a swishing noise in the head, but would definitely like to hear what you are hearing.  Make sure your pro shop asks for a shipping label to be emailed to them so we can get this taken care of promptly.

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