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Ahina Finish


Team Titleist,

I will be ordering a new 913 d3 w/ a diamana ahina 70s. I wanted to know what finish is on the ahina shaft. I know the aftermarket version is a two tone w/ black on one side and ion plated on the other. There is also an all black version that is around too. Which shaft graphics come on your upgraded shafts?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    There is only one Ahina 70 and it is an aftermarket shaft with an ion plating on one side.  If you ordered the Ahina 70, it should have this finish.  The all black version is the Titleist Ahina 72. The Titleist Ahina 72 and the Ahina 70 have the same graphics except the ion plating on one side. 

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