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913 Driver Arrival

timothy j

I am taking Friday off to wait for my 913.  Should I look for a FEDEX truck or UPS?  And, since it is a big day for all of us, will we receive a tracking nbr to track its arrival?  I am over the top aren't I?  Tim

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  1. Christian J

    Luckily, I don't have school on Friday!  About the over the top thing I do it all the time, well except skipping school, but I track my clubs all the time.  There is no shame in it! 

  2. Derek H

    I'm pretty sure titleist always comes via FedEx, so be on the lookout.  Can't wait for mine to arrive either!

  3. Stetson F

    Mine arrived today, to my pro shop.  I know on another site a large number of members recieved theirs today as well.  IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.  I got one, slipped in my DI and it was a rocket.  I was hitting places on the course in 50 degree November, that I usually hit in July at 90's.  Anybody that thinks this is no different then the 910, they are wrong.  It spins much less, flatter flight and more distance.  Plus off-center hits are very playable. 

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