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counterfiet Vokeys

jason s

Recently bought a set of vokey wedges 52,56,60 degrees. Got them inspected them all looked good except for the authenticity sticker, but they looked so perfect in every other way plus I had eBay and PayPal to back my purchase. Well after using them a few times over the last 2 months I thought these wedges are pretty average I wasn't very impressed as all the reviews were stating of these clubs. Well two days ago the serial number is starting to fade in a spot so I went local golf store and sure enough the serial number doesn't look like mine. I'm new to golf, and all my clubs are used but still good brand name clubs, saved up to get these wedges and everything seemed legit..high feed back numbers for the seller, and I got ripped. So just want people to be aware its a shady market. Hope this saves someone else from this same tragedy. In closing I think I'm just going to use a PW instead of buying a 2 nd set of wedges...lessoned learned should have spent the 400$ and went to local golf store. 

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