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Scotty Cameron Putter

cooper a

I want the new one really bad, but I dont know if its work it?

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  1. jim p

    I am assuming you mean, is it worth it?  Only you can answer that question.  There are many cameron putters but if you select a putter that doesn't fit you putting stroke it most definitely will not be worth it.  I made the mistake of buying a squareback without taking the time to see if it was the proper putter for me and it was not.  the del mar fits me much better. Take the time to try a properly fitted putter and judge for yourself.

  2. Scott I

    The good thing is, Scotty putters retain their value remarkably well.  As long as you don't ding it up, you can most likely resell it for a good part of your initial investment.  That's the whole reason I went with a Scotty putter when I bought mine 2 years ago. 

    Unfortunately, I took my 7 year old golfer with me one day and she was trying to help by putting my putter in the bag and dragged the Scotty putter on the cart path.  I shed a little tear, but it all worked out because I would never sell this putter anyway.  It works fantastically :)

  3. Philip A

    The real question is have you played one? I am a big fan of scotty cameron putters, but the new one just isn't for me. The putter is the most intimate club in the bag. Before you start thinking about if its worth I would suggest demoing one or borrowing from a friend. Then if you like the feel you will be able to determine if its worth it, by how many strokes your are knocking off. Which is the ultimate goal right?. 

  4. Justinu3

    cooper a

    I want the new one really bad, but I dont know if its work it?

    in short, yes.

    the new deep milling is just awesome!  The black finish is awesome too!  Might need to pick up another soon to send to the custom shop and get it in the raw silver finish!!! :-)

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