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new irons

jason s

Going to be buying new irons thinking of switching from TM r11 irons to titleist, also going from r11 driver to titleist , I normally shoot around 90 for 18 holes. Any thoughts or suggestions? 

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  1. Mike T

    I had a collection of Drivers and decided to get fitting from my teaching pro. The 910 D3 out preformed all the drivers I had and the selection he choose for the fitting. I now have Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and 3 Hybrid all Titleist  910's. I'm very happy with them and will keep them for quite a while. I also have the R11 irons and I like them quite a bit. They are too new to be looking at an upgrade but I will do the same thing when I am ready. Take a fitting and let the stats make your decision.

  2. eboos

    Demo both the AP1 and the AP2. The common thought would be to play a game improvement set until you reduce your handicap, but I am pretty much in the same boat. I play in the mid 80's and I prefered the AP2's when I tested them. The AP2's seem to have some game improvement features while being "players" irons. Try them both and make your choice from there.


  3. Ron M.

    I'm in the process of changing to all Titleist...Started with Driver and 3-Fairway....H ,irons and then wedges will be fitted next...Getting ready for 2013.....You must get fitted for the best chance to lower your HC.....I can say your buddies will envey your golf bag when you show up at the course with all Titleist ....They look great and demand respect.....Enjoy your new golf game...

  4. John O

    I shoot around 90 as well, just started playing golf.  I just got fitted for irons, driver, wood, and hybrid.  I hit about 5 different sets of irons, went with i20's and Titleist 913 D2, 913F, 913H.  It's all about feel and what you like.  Spend a little money and go to one of the Titleist Advanced Fitting Centers in your area if you're going to spend the money.  

  5. Morris G

    I shoot about the same and switched to the AP1's this year.  Give 'em a try, you may like them.  But would suggest getting fitted.  Good luck with your search!  

  6. Tim S

    AP2's or CB's.....if you can strike the ball fairly well, go with a club you can grow in to. Dont setle for AP1's.....AP2s are really nice but if you want more of a "players" profile, go for the CB's...

    I also came from TM for my driver and now play a titleist and have never regretted it one bit

  7. Eric S

    go to a club fitter that can look at your swing and you numbers.

  8. michael l

    for the irons you should try AP1s. there the more forgiving irons titleist has. getting fit for the right shafts will help also, and then for the driver the d2 would help you the most. again the right shaft is the biggest factor in the club. so try the different shaft options in the drivers.

  9. Brien W

    Go with the AP2 Irons. You won't be disappointed. 

  10. jason s

    Any idea of how much a cutting is from a titliest fitting center? 

  11. Lou G

    Morris G

    I shoot about the same and switched to the AP1's this year.  Give 'em a try, you may like them.  But would suggest getting fitted.  Good luck with your search!  

    My setup:

    2007 Burner HT draw (44.5" Winn Lite Dri-Tac)

    910F 19*

    910H 21* and 27*

    AP1 7-PW

    SM4 52-12

    SM4 60-10 (59*)

    7H putter

    The driver and putter have been a winning formula for 2 years now so may or may not change.  Still getting familiar with the 21 (was using a Burner 7 wood and SQ2 5/26 hybrid for 1 1/2 years).  I have my 910s set at A3 since I played TM and swoosh (briefly tried Superfast before the 910s) and the shafts are 1/2" shorter than stock with Excel RF midisize.  Everything in my bag is dialed in.  Been using DG for ages on iron shafts.  I also shoot in the mid 80s.

  12. jason s

    Thanks for all the info. I'm going to schedule a fitting with regional titleist center. I really appreciate all the info and help.

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