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Hit my longest drive today with a Titleist driver


Today I went to my local shop hoping to demo a 913 D3. The shop did not have any demos yet, so I took a few swings with a 910 D3, 9.5 degree with a RIP a60 shaft. After hitting an average of 290 on the launch monitor, one shot I knew as soon as it left the club was going to be something special. 356 yards. This eclipses my previous longest drive, which was from an elevated tee to the green for 345 yards. The club was set to A4 and each shot was pulling about 15-20 yards. With a little adjustment, I would have been right on target. With the 913's having a hotter face, I can only imagine what my long game will look like. Needless to say, there is no doubt what will be in my bag pretty soon.

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