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913D3 spin/launch compared to Classic 290? (several questions)

Bryan A

does anybody know how the two compare as far as spin and launch? I have a 910D2 which is long and a decent/good club, and I love the adjustibility. but it puts WAY too much spin on the ball and therefore too much of that "balloon flight" height. I even bought a Motore F1 55 which is supposed to be low/low, but this has more spin than the Classic 290. The  Classic 290 has the right trajectory and spin that I want, but I feel the Titleist has more power potential if I could just get the spin/launch close.

Also, why do all the reviews say the D3 is "less forgiving" than the D2? The only reasons I keep hearing are the D3 head is smaller and the D2 is "draw biased". While I am not a good golfer by any stretch, I have a hard time hitting so-called "draw biased" drivers. The only time I can really hit a great draw is when the head is either neutral or even very slightly open, like with the Classic 290 and while the Classic is 460cc, it appears much smaller at address and has a deeper face than the D2.

so honestly, if I love the  Classic 290 but want the adjustibility and power of the Titleist, would the 913D3 be more to my liking than the D2 even though I am very much a novice?

and what shaft recommendation? I have considered the Fubuki K60 and the Miyazaki like the one in the Classic 290. I don't mind ball height, I just don't want the disgusting spin that is going to drive it up to the clouds and then straight down.


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  1. Tim Tiger

    I would suggest that you go to a fitting and determine what shaft is right for you.  I have the AD DI 7X and it is outstanding for my needs.  A good fitter should sort out your issues.


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