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909 refinishing

Steve B

Can anybody suggest the best place to get my Titleist 909  driver refinished. Is it generally worth doing? If the cost is high I may just get the 910 or new 913. My club has a few to choose from, but I like my 909. Don't need all the adjustment features of 910 or 913.

I still like to believe it's the Indian not the, however the arrows are much better these days.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  1. Don O

    Titleist doesn't refinish clubs - outside of their excellent warrenty programs.

    I wouldn't be looking at a new driver for cosmetic or hoping it would fix the archer.  If the refinishing is for more major work than crown scratches, you might want to look at the rapidly disappearing 910s or the new 913s.  The shaft selections are being enhanced with each release, so there may be something that helps the archer.  I've made some swing improvements so I've moved to a 910D from a Ping G15 to move to a stifer shaft.  The arrows fly straighter with far fewer fades/slices, so the archer has benefited.   Still can't talk to a pull, but those are an archer issue that a club won't solve.

  2. charlie s

    yes go to  the driver will look new 45.00 and shipping

  3. Steve B

    Thanks Don....I like my 909, but it has some dummie marks on the crown.

    the archer picks the club up at times in the take away. Maybe the archer should use the refinishing money for lessons.

     Go where they mow.....


  4. Steve B

    Wow. Sounds good.

    Thanks Charlie.

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