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Titleist 913D2 driver - draw bias?

Frank-Emil S

Hi there,

I was curious to know how the 913D2 driver has a draw bias compared to the 910D2; is it because of the placement of the weight?  (both are placed in the middle-back part of the club head, by the looks of it)

Because I own the 910D2 (10.5 degree model) and this club doesn't have a draw bias (or does it and perhaps I didn't know?), and the lie of both clubs (913D2 and 910D2) is identical (58.5*), hence why I'm curious to know how this "draw bias" on the new 913D2 is achieved.

Any input would be greatly appreciated; thanks!

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  1. Jeff S

    I also have a 910 D2 and am pretty sure that it is .5* open in a standard setting and like you said it is the same lie angle as the 910 D3.  I would like to know the answer to this also.  I was thinking about buying the 913 D2 but would like to know if the lie or face angle at address are different than the 910 D2. Cathy????

  2. Joe B

    To simplify as best I can, the draw bias in the 913D2 head is a result of face closure from an improved center of gravity position.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We called the 913 D2 "draw biased" because of the CG location, and not because of face angle (.5 open) or extra weighting in the heel.  The 913 D2 has the same face angle ( .5° open ) as the 910 D2 and is actually less draw biased than the 910D2 because the CG is more forward in the head. With the new 913 drivers, since the launch and spin are equivalent, the difference in the two heads is that the CG is further back in the 913 D2 than the 913 D3, which means you can turn the clubhead from right to left easier (draw) than with the 913 D3 (as a right hander).

     The further back in the head the CG is located, the more draw biased, forgiving and stable the clubhead.   I hope that makes sense.  The 913 D2 is only draw biased in the sense that you will be able to turn the clubhead over easier than with the D3 model. 

    As always, we would recommend going to a good clubfitter :)

  4. Jeff S

    Thank you for the explanation.  So, to sum up the 910D2 is more draw biased than the 913 D2, because the weight is further back in the 910? Is this also why the spin rates are down on the 913 D2, because the weight is a little more forward?  Thanks again Cathy.  As always you have all the answers.

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