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Need Advice...Golf Mats & Effect on Clubs?

Tim T

I live in the midwest and considering getting an indoor golf set up for the winter months to enable me to keep hitting balls.  I have a the net picked out and now I am trying to decide on a golf mat and would like input on a few questions.

1.  I just bought 712 AP2 irons this year and had them custom fit through a Titleist Advanced Fitting Center.  Will hitting off a mat increase the chances of negatively impacting the loft and lie that I had customized?

2.  What would Titleist recommend as the highest quality hitting mat/turf to buy that is "the next best thing" to being on grass?

3.  Is there a specific indoor mat/turf that Titleist uses for their indoor facilities? 

Thanks in advance for the responses! 


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  1. stuart c

    Very interested to hear what TT has to say about this.  I think you will ruin your 712s on the mats - finish, loft and lies.  I try to use an older iron and a hybrid on the mats in the winter.  I use the driver off the tee so I am not worried about the mat

  2. Lou G

    The general issue with golf mats is they leave the plastic on the soles of your clubs.  You have to try to rub it off - haven't tried acetone yet but generally a coarse rag had worked.

  3. Nathan L

    Well I live in the Northeast and make my way to a heated range 30-40 times over the course of the winter, always off a mat.  I can't speak for the lie and lofts but costmetically you'll have no issue and you certainly aren't going to 'ruin' your AP2s and I have a couple scorecards that'll prove it.  Any plastic that ends up on your clubs is easily removed with a 2 minute soak in hot water.

  4. AJAR

    Hi all,

    I have 712MBs and have been practicing 3 times a week exclusively on mats (unfortunately) for the past 10 weeks. I personally have not witnessed much wear on the base of the clubs.

    I would be interested to hear from the experts though as to whether they would advise against mats.

  5. steve i

    I never could find the survey.  I used the test sleeve of golf balls marked in black.  I played with ProV1 and the test ball.  I found that the drives with the test ball were within a two to three yard range of the ProV1.   Most of the distance was achieved through the air, with little roll.  My hybrids and fairway woods seemed to prefer the test ball.  Short irons appeared about the same in distance, with little roll.  Could not tell any difference in feel and would use the test ball just as well as the ProV1.

  6. Tim T

    Bumping this...Cathi, Cameron, RC or other Team Titleist Regional Fitters have any insight?

  7. Christian J

    Lately I have been hitting off mats to, because of the weather forcing me inside.  I personally have never faced any problems from hitting off the mats.  Only thing, like everyone else has said, is the green plastic being left on them.  I just scrubbed them for awhile and it came right off.  

  8. Joshua L

    I saw no issue with adjusting of loft and lie in my 712MB's over last winter, hitting off of matts on average twice a week for winter. I had the loft and lies checked just prior to playing in a tournament before winter hit and checked them again when I put new grips on just before spring and there was no change to mine. 

  9. Tom W

    I try to avoid hitting off mats whenever possible just because it's not a good indicator of how well you're striking the ball...if you hit a shot a little heavy off the mat the club will bounce off the mat and still make pretty decent far as affecting the loft/lie of the clubs, all "forged" clubs will eventually be affected with any swing regardless of grass or mats, that's why you should have your specs checked at the beginning of each golf season at the minimum.....the more you play/practice the more often you should have them checked.  

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