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Long Putter

Curtis G

Even though the ruling is not in effect yet for long putters, can the Big Sur putter that I have be cut down by the Scotty Cameron shop or do I just have a piece of equipment that I will not be able to use?

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  1. Don O

    The rules go into effect in 2016, so you do have some time.  They were published as proposed.  I woultn't cut down a perfectly good putter that I can use for some time to come.  The rules or allowances may change within a year.

  2. Cameron D


    Those putters can't be cut down to conventional lengths due to the size of the shaft being too big for a standard length grip.  Note the ruling hasn't been set in place yet, and the putters themselves will still remain conforming.  Also, if the rule does go into effect, it won't be until 2016.



  3. jorge d

    sell it now while you still can

  4. Curtis G


    Would a new shaft be able to be put in or would that mess up the specs to much?

  5. Titleist lover

    From my understanding of the rule it seem you can still use the putter but wont be able to press it against 

    your body. It's funny to me to see the Pro's players getting upset when the rules clearly state that they can still use the putter but 

    I guess since you cant cheat with it theres no us for it.

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