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advantag of registering titlest clubs?

Florian S

Hi Team Titleist,

I recently found a club registration form in the profile section of your webpage.

What is the added value of registering clubs that way?

I allways tought, club registration is part of the fitting/order-process, when buying at a fitting-center.

Someone has a clue?

Regards Florian

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  1. Cameron D


    This registration process allows you to keep track of the clubs and specs associated with them.  Each club will have a serial # that will correspond to the specs they were ordered to.  If you order a new set down the road, and don't remember your original specs, you can always reference your registered serial # to find them.  Registering your clubs also helps in cases where you may have lost a club or it was stolen, so you can reference the serial # when looking for the missing club.



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