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913 Tip for Uncut Shaft


I have an uncut fujikura motore speeder tour spec 7.2 that I need to put a tip on to put in my 913. I know there are aftermarket tips but I don't want to use one. I can take a tip off an old 910 shaft I don't use but does anyone know if I could send the new shaft to Titleist and have them out a tip on and how much would it cost?

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  1. John L

    every time i have see this question about having titleist tip a shaft it seems like they dont since they offer the shaft already and you could have ordered it direct from them. but good news I have re-shafted the 910 tip my self. so a good club maker should be able to do it.. and yes the 910 tip fits in the 913.

    cheers greens and fairways 


  2. Jak

    The thing is I did not buy this shaft, it was given to me. It shouldn't matter where I got it. Fact is it can't be used in a titleist driver without their tip. I would hope titleist as well as the other oem's would be more helpful when it comes to using their equipment.

  3. Joshua L

    My local golf shop pulls tips off of random shafts that have found their way back to the shop and sells them. I've seen the non Titleist tips break so I would suggest not buying one of those.

  4. John L

    Sorry if i rubbed you wrong i was only trying to help. In my time with my titleist rep he didn't even care that i re shafted the tip my self. he was happy to see it done successfully. that being said any good club maker should be able to provide this for you and i don't see titleist taking any legal action against you. i don't live in the states other wise i would have offered to do it for you. but if you think back a few years ago no club manufacturer was saying send us your clubs we will re-shaft them for you. you just paid your local club maker to do is for like 30 bucks just like you would pay to have them re-grip. Its nice that you were given the shaft and you were able to save that money but look at that as a win you saved 100-300 dollars on a shaft and only have to pay 30 bucks to re shaft it. I think Titleist has been overly helpful over the years and very generous to us customers. plus look at any other driver on the marked and try to find the broad shaft selection they offer. i haven't found a club that has even a 3rd of the shaft options. I do hope you can find someone in your area that can re-shaft this for you. 

    cheers greens and fairways


  5. Jak

    No not at all.  I just think the tips for these drivers should be easier to get instead of having to rely on aftermarket tips, which I have heard all sorts of good and terrible things about, or scavenging them from old shafts.  I have no problem sending the shaft to Titleist and paying them to put a tip on it.  Lotsof people like to tinker with different shafts.  The new drivers have made doing it a lot more difficult.  I think the OEM's should help us make it easier.  This is now my fifth Titleist driver. 

  6. Andy B

    I swapped the Fujikura Rombax shaft from my 910 D-2 into my 913 D-2 with no issue... the 913 head was heavier so the standard 9 gram weight was replaced with the 4 gram version, this got me to D-0 with the 42.5 lb shaft. Still waiting for the snow to melt to fully test.... but the 913 is now idential "spec wise" on the machines to the old 910.

    The problem of sending back to Titleist is that they don't / can't check the shafts.... they can't tell the difference between a senior or stiff flex... out side of what is spray painted on the shaft.  The shaft in my 913 driver was ordered / marked as a X stiff... although when you put it on the machine... it was actually (38 lbs) a regular flex .... This is not abnormal..... I have owned every Titleist driver since the "D" Great heads for the better players... junk standard shafts.

    The 913-FD was not as simple because Titleist pulled a sneeky one and changed the tip dia size,... still working through the details but a $25.00 replacement tip in different sizes would make things a whole lot smoother. Titleist is willing to sell the weights...Hard to believe shaft tips couldn't be packaged and distributed. 

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