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913 vs G20

John Z

I am wodering the difference in ball spin rates - I currently have a ball speed of 161 - 165 and hit my G20 very high - 9.5, X-flex high kick point shaft. Would switching to the 913 give me a lower trajectory from a lower spin rate?

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  1. Henry R

    Hey John,

    I play the 910 d3 to get my spin down. it really helped me and i dont swing quite as hard as you. So to answer your question yes. Go with a 913d3.

  2. Don O

    Assuming you have a proprietary shaft on your current driver, a Titleist head has loft adjustments of -0.75 to +1.5 loft and there are plenty of stock shafts, no charge non-stock, and upcharge shaft options through a fitter.  Safe to go out on a limb, yes, your drives can be optimized. 

  3. Lou G

    I experience a similar thing between a G2 driver and a 975D. The latter had a much lower trajectory.  I would get a very high trajectory with the G2 (had Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue).

  4. JOHN L

    you should probably just go to a 8.5 head and change your shaft to a lower kick point,,i have the same driver and i dont hit it ti high,, but the new 913 looks sweet i just think the adjustable clubs arent as long.. but iam sure you can get fitted for the right driver,, with all the shaft options

  5. Dan C


    The answer may be in the shaft, I would go to a fitter and try your driver with different shafts and other drivers too, not just the 913.  I was having trouble with the spin on my 910d2, and was losing about 30 yards.  After the fitter I got a cleve Classic and it helped the spin sooo much, with the deep face it has very little spin.  I would definitely give the Classic a hit, it has on of the lowest spin rates out there.

    Hope I helped!

    -Dan C.

  6. John Z

    new 913 D2 in the bag w/ the Aldila shaft! AWESOME is the word. Lowered the spin rate, narrowed the dispersion and gained 7 yards of carry.

  7. Rob R

    John, which Aldila shaft?  I'm in the same situation - Used to hit my old png way too high, switched to the 910D2 with a $300 Mitsubishi Fubuki alpha 65 last year but its still spinning too much.  I've tried out the 913 D3 with the 70 gram stock diamana whiteboard shaft and that lowered the spin considerably.   Did you try out the standard stock whiteboard 70 gram shaft and if so, what did you get more of with the Aldila shaft to make you go to that one?

  8. Stetson F

    The G20 will spin more, I have owned both and for my swing the 913 was SIGNIFICANTLY better.

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