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913 D2 9.5 Diamana D+ White 72


913 D2 9.5 Diamana D+ White 72

I bought this club about a month ago replacing 907 D2 diamana blue and i just wanted to say that i'm in love with this driver.

I'm not sure if i gained more distance but feel, control, consistency, mis-shots got all better.

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  1. Michael D

    I would agree on the mis-hits...I upgraded to 913 D3 from the 910 D3 and I could see no difference in the pured shots but the slightly off hits seem to fly a little further. I found that it takes around 40-50 hits to brake this driver in though sort of like the Miken Ulta Softball bats when I use to play......913 is the way to upgrade! Love the new shaft options as well.

  2. stuart c

    Did you try the D+ White 62?  The 72 is to heavy for me so I got the 913 with the RIP 60 and am very happy with it.  Just wondering how the D+ 62 compared.  Thanks

  3. bigearnucsd

    you're probably talking about S+ Blue 62? 

    i spent about an hour trying all 4 shafts.  I'm not sure how accurate my test was but on my good/ideal swing, 72 gave me the longest distance and on my average/bad swing, 72 gave me the narrowest (leaking to the left or to the right) distance from the center.

    Although i don't think my swing speed is that high (95~100), i just felt like the heavier shaft gave me more stable feel.

    i've always under estimated the value of a shaft until i upgraded to this one.

  4. bigearnucsd

    what is the major difference between lighter and heavier shaft on paper anyways?

    when should one consider heavier over lighter or vice verse? 

  5. Michael D

    I picked mine up with the Diamana D+ White 72 and I have tended to hit it with a much higher trajectory but same distance as my Rombax 6x shaft. I don't have any experience with the other Diamana shafts other than the stock Ahina's in my fairway woods. What I really look forward to is the spring when I can really load up the shaft....little cold right now to really get a great feel. I also picked up a Oban Devotion 6 x which I have yet to give a go.

  6. John L

    Hey Mike. when you see me at the course next time ask me for my three wood. i just ordered a 13.5 with a speeder 8.2VC tour spec. basically a fairway wood shaft of the 7.2 you sold me. and i should have a new 5 wood in a week or two i put a v2 shaft in that one.

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