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Difference in driver shafts

Chip W

My wife got me the Titleist 913 D2 driver for Christmas.  I know she is pretty awesome.  The shaft in the 913 is a Diamana blue S+ 62 stiff.  My shaft in my old 912 is a Diamana Kai'li 65 mid stiff flex.  Will I be able to tell a difference in these shafts?  If so what do you think they will be.  I love the Launch and spin that I have with the 912 now.  Any comments or suggestions. 

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  1. Chip W

    My fault. Don't know why I put 912 I meant 910.
  2. Cameron D


    The newer Diamana shafts were designed to play similar to the previous Diamana Kai'li versions.  If there happens to be any difference between the two it would be that the newer versions will launch slightly lower and spin slightly less (very slight differences). 



  3. Chip W

    Thanks for the help.  Can't wait to hit some down the range and fairway.

  4. Dan R


         I just bought a d3 tonight with the same shaft in it.  I'm on vacation in clearwater, fl and went to the golfsmith shop there.  i had about 2 hours and brought in my driver with me.  I have a TM r11s head with a Motore Speeder 6.2 tour spec shaft in it, stiff flex.  They let you hit on the launch monitors there and I just wanted to compare this club/shaft setup to other, stock clubs in the store.  I haven't been GREATLY impressed with my setup, but am ok with it.  Anyway, i hit it about 10 times, a TM Rocketballz TP driver, png Anser and something else that I can't remember.  All of the numbers from the clubs were similar within a couple yards and similar spin/launch averages.  Only one club stood out and it STOOD OUT.  The 913 D3 with the blue+ S flex shaft.  The best I could muster with my club was 290 yds.  My spin was sometimes under 3000 but averaged around 3600.  Similar numbers with the other clubs.  Avg distance was in the 265 range I think.

    I hit about 15 balls with the 913 and 5 of them were over 300.  12 of them were over 280 with my spin rate consistently staying under 3300 or so.  I had a couple that got bad reads but I think that was more due to the tee slipping down into the holder and my catching it on the bottom of the face.  I hit porbably close to 90 balls tonight and went back and hit my driver again and the TP taylor made rocketballz.  Numbers went back down and as soon as I went back to the 913, my next 2 shots were 303 and 306 with a slight draw.

    Merry Christmas to me!  lol

    Question for CAmeron.  I've seen all the videos on youtube and read all of the articles talkign about the stock shafts sold in off the shelf drivers and how they are "$20 shafts" and nothing like after market shafts.  Is this Diamana S+ Blue 62 shaft an exception?  i'm really intersted because as I said I have a $400 motore speeder shaft and this thing feels much better.

    Thanks all and this is my first post here.  Hope there are many more.


  5. Dan R

    Little bit of an update on this club/shaft.  Got to hit it today at a range in Largo, FL (Missing Links Golf Range).  There is a pro shop, Golf Provisions, there with a guy who is a custom fitter and really seems to know his stuff.  Anyway, I hit my driver and when I hit it well, it flew incredibly.  Great ball flight, sound and controlability.  The PGA Pro that was there giving lessons to someone else came over to me and asked me questions and complimented me a bit on some things and really commented on the ball flight.  He just came over out of the blue.  Michael Riso was his name.  Anyway, I told him the story of this and he suggested that I go in and get it weighed so that if it broke, I could order the same shaft.  Great idea.  I went in to Jeff at Golf Provisions and the frequency thing measured it at 245 and it was 45".  Oddly enough, my R11S with the Motore Speeder 6.2 tour spec shaft was 244 but that club is 45.5".

    i guess my question for anyone who knows, if the shaft breaks and I order a new one, how do I ensure that I get the same frequency?  Will it be the same for a shaft without a head in it as one with a head?

    Anyway, thanks guys.  Hopefully this gives some insight to this shaft.  If i took a 1/2" off of my Motore, then I guess that number would be higher than 244.


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