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Found a wedge

Ron H

I found a Titleist Vokey wedge the other day and called the course to see if anyone had lost a wedge.  They said no one had called to report any missing clubs.  Is there somewhere I can enter the serial number to possibly find the club's rightful owner (assuming they registered the club)?

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  1. Ken W

    First of all Ron, I'd like to commend you for doing the right thing! I can't tell you the number of clubs that are kept by scavengers, often just to sit in a basement or be traded in for a pitiful amount. This is a situation where the good samaritan is often left feeling helpless. The best thing is to turn the club in immediately because many times the owner will notice it missing and check in at the course or call right that moment. Citing Titleist specifically, even if the club is registered, the owner's info will not be available publicly due to privacy concerns. If you call 1-800-225-8500, Titleist may be able to send an e-mail, or phone on your behalf. If they can't for whatever reason, you're left with either trusting the pro shop to be ethical about keeping the club safe for an appropriate time in the lost & found, or adopting the old 'finders keepers, losers weepers" slogan. You obviously are not the finders keepers type, so I wish you well in your efforts.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ron,  Give us a call at Team Titleist.  If it is a custom wedge, it is possible that we can track down the owner.  1-888-TITLEIST

  3. Don O

    Thank you, Ron.  Unless the club is for the opposite hand, it would have been easy to add it to your collection. 

    I'm still amazed that a LH Cobra SZ graphite 7-iron left on the edge of green on the 4th hole of the Valley Course at Oxmoor Valley (RTJ Trail) would not have been turned in.  What would the use in that be?  Note I reallized where it was when checking my clubs after I flew home and only had 13.  Too bad that was the last time I needed a 7I that day.

    Hopefully everyone here would turn in a 64 degree Vokey no matter how bad they would want/need a lob wedge.

  4. Joseph R

    I am new to this discussion thing, but i would like to say that turning the club into the club house is a good thing to do, I also was on a golf trip and had a vokey wedge that i miss placed on the course, and at the end of my round i asked the pro shop manager if he had found any wedges, and he said that he had found one and it was mine, and i asked the pro shop manager who found it, and he told me a guy turned it in. I found the guy that turned it in and i thanked him for it. But, long story store i think it is the right think to do is to if you do find a club on the course it to turn it in when you are done with your round. 

  5. Dr. Kovatchian

    Why did you not just turn it in at the pro shop???

  6. Christian J

    Wow, you are a very honest guy.  Being in your situation, many would just keep the wedge.  I applaud you're effort in trying to locate the owner of this club.  Also it's a good idea you didn't leave it in the lost and found, because anyone could have claimed it.  My advice would be to hold onto it for now, but tell the pro shop that if someone were claim it you could return it.  However, if no one was to claim it, I would find no fault in keeping it.  Congrats on the find, and thank you for being an honest guy.

  7. Carlo Angelo

    mostly i am on the opposite end of leaving a club in the course. Coming from a country wherein a caddy is mandatory to play, it took time before I got used to playing without one (who will look after my clubs). I have been very lucky that people behind me always give it back. Since then, I have placed ID labels on all my clubs. Complete name, address and number. It would take a person with no conscience to keep it. Like they say, using a stolen/found club brings bad luck to your game.

    Again, I commend you for your honesty and concern. Happy golfing. You are due for some good golf luck...


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