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910f shaft rattle

Sean B

There is a rattle in my 910f shaft and I dont know how to get rid of it. Can anyone help please? I have never done anything to the shaft so dont know whats inside it. When you tap it against the ground it vibrates. Any help is greatly appreciated

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  1. Marc M

    Sean B......First I would take the grip off, put it in a vice , take a box opener cut the grip starting at the bottom work towards the end,

    try not to cut into the shaft peel the grip off. Clear the end, shaft is hollow hit it on the ground, see if anything comes out. Maybe then use a stick  or wire. All else fails take it to a club maker Dick's etc.They can take the club apart and also put a new grip on.

  2. Ken W

    If there is a piece of something going up and down the shaft, that is actually the most simple issue to take care of. The grip can be removed( possibly saved ) and the piece of residue dumped out of the shaft. The other most common scenario for vibration is the head is not completely flush with the shaft adaptor. Double check that the assembly screw is fully torqued and your Titleist wrench clicks. If you still hear a buzzing/rattling when the club is tapped on the ground, it's time to get the club to an expert. Most likely the club is still not damaged in any way but requires someone with experience to diagnose and fix. Team Titleist would be good to contact as they have a very efficient and friendly staff dealing with repairs. It's worth being without your 910F for a little time to get it done right. Best of luck.

  3. matt P

    I would make sure that your screws on the bottom of your club are tight.. Happened to me before. Hope this helps

  4. Dan C


    This is probably a problem with the epoxy in the shaft that connects it to the sure-fit piece.  I would suggest that you take it to a local golf shop and they can either exchange your shaft for another (if it is stock) or take the sure-fit piece out and remove the loose piece of epoxy from inside the shaft.

    This problem probably occurred from heat on the shaft, if you leave your clubs in the car often or in a hot garage, I keep my clubs in my room to prevent this from happening, especially in the summer.  Lastly, this can happen to all clubs, not just woods, so keep them as close to room temperature when storing them if possible!

    Hope I Helped!

    Dan C.


    take the grip and tape off and shake it upside down.  It's probably just a little piece of epoxy and should come right out.

  6. Skylar T

    I had the same thing and I just needed to tighten the head on.  I would make sure that your head is screwed on all the way.

  7. Dr. Kovatchian

    Every 910 product has a small rattle in the head for some reason....

    If you tap the butt end of the club on the ground gently you can hear the rattle in the head....

    I had my 910D3 sent back twice to have the rattle fixed...even had a new head placed...still a little rattle.

    Pretty sure it has something to do with the sure-fit system...


  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I'm sorry to hear of the rattle in the head.  Please take your fairway back to your store and have them set up a Warranty inspection and repair.  There should be no rattle in the head or shaft if it is an oiginal OEM product.. 

  9. Dustin M

    I have the same thing going on.  My driver and all my fairway woods.    Driver-3wood-17- 21 all have a 1/8 to 1/4 gap where the shaft connects to head.  I keep my clubs in my living room.  The hot and cold weather should effect them.   Would this make the club feel like its turning in your hand????  Thanks in advance!!

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