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Now I'm lost

Ron M.

I just started taking the game of golf very serious...Planned on going to Titleist fitting center at Sleepy Hollow in NY in March for lessons and fitting....My loving lady overheard me talking about new woods and irons and I found them under the tree on Christmas morning....I told her I was going to return them and when I get fitted I will re-buy the right set...The look I got scared the 9 iron out of me.It would break her heart if I returned them but the problem I have is , if I wait until March to get fitted and the shafts or irons are not right for me it will be to late to return them .My old bag had a 910D2 with a mix of other brands... She got me  913d2/10.5, 910f15*, 910f19* and 3-P AP2's with S300 shaft's.I'm not sure if I can hit the AP2's after playing with over the counter clubs(cally Diablo Edge) for 2 years....My only ? I have after this long a boring story is for the player that went from Edge type clubs too AP2's...Was there a hard transaction going from a very high launch to a very low launch....Going from Uni-flex too S300 seems very extreme on paper...I know I can get fitted now but it will be inside...Can I trust a indoor fitting to give me the right results.... ...and yes she's not home right now lol....Thanks Ron

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  1. Jeffrey S

    Go get fitted and if the clubs you have work then use them. If they don't then return them and get what is right for your game. If you need anything to say to the loving lady just tell her thank you for the VERY thoughtful gift, but that you wouldn't buy her make-up and force her to wear it if it didn't compliment her looks.

  2. Christian J

    That's a tough spot to be in, and I can only imagine what you're going through.  My opinion is to just return the irons, and with that money use it towards the fitting.  Help her understand that this fitting will make you play better, and that these irons are for a little better golfer.  She should understand.  

  3. Ron M.

    Jeff:) thanks for the help. I explained that too her and also added the wrong size diamond ring theory . They both worked perfectly . 

    Now should I go to a indoor fitting or wait for the spring too go outside. Thanks for you help

  4. Christian J

    Both will work good, but I've heard that outdoor will be more accurate.  Then you can see the actual flight of the ball.  It just depends if you are willing to wait or not.  Good luck with your fitting!

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