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What should I get?

Mark C

I currently have a swoosh 3 wood that I am going to replace with a titleist one but I have a gap between a 4 iron and a 3 wood. Should I get a hybrid or should I buy a 3 iron instead?

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  1. Christian J

    Try both of them, because it really depends your ability.  My advice would be to get a 19* or a 21* hybrid.  Currently I play a 910f 15* and 19* and then use a 24* hybrid.  This tends to work best for me because I can't hit the higher iron.  

  2. Cameron D


    This depends on how consistent you can be with your long irons.  A hybrid will certainly be more forgiving, but the some of the better ball strikers prefer the feel and workability of a long iron.  You need to make sure you can consistently hit the 3 iron well enough to fill the gap and have good stopping ability into greens.



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