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913 Driver worth the upgrade?

Bill H

I purchased a new 910D3 two years ago. Is there a significant difference between the 910 and the 913 that is worth the cost to upgrade? I do like the look of the 913 a lot but I also work for a non-profit and don't have a lot of extra cash for clubs.



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  1. memphisunited

    I think the upgrade was worth it for me.  My misses are a lot less noticeable with the 913.  The mishits go straighter and almost as far as the center hits.  

  2. Gaaary

    I have recently purchased the 913 D2 and had the 910 D2 and D3 for the last couple of years,if you haven't a lot of money I would stick with the 910, it's only the stock shafts that make a difference. 10 yards max


  3. Don O

    You still have the second best driver on the planet in your bag.  With the 913 mishits behave better, you may get 5-13 yards more.  It's a balancing act with your checkbook.  Is there that guy with a TM R driver that 10 more yards on 12 holes a round with your driver will get you some sawbucks and restore your pride?

    Steve Stricker played his 909 until it cracked and he moved to the 913.  On so many levels he could have used a 910 but he was happy with the 909.  The only question is do you need a 913, or do you only want one?

  4. bryan t

    Took my RBZ out of the bag for the 913 D2. Consistency is much improved. Great Choice of Driver.  

  5. Charles Z


    I too bought the 910 a couple of years ago. I bought the D2. I just bought the 913 D2. I have been using it for the last 10 days. It is a little longer and appears to be a little more forgiving. I understand the length part but not the forgiveness. I actually have better control with it.

    Good luck!

    Charles Zuckerman

  6. Carlo Angelo

    Technology wise it is worth it. Upgrades are always for the better. However, the bottom line like you said is "money". Can one afford it??? Another way is saving up for it, give up something to have the extra cash to buy the clubs you like.

    I have made some sacrifices. I shoveled during my first winter here in WI because I bought the 910D2 instead of a snowblower. I didn't eat meat for 3 months so that my wife would buy me a new set of clubs (I have claimed the irons and wedges earlier this year). 

    As for my take with the 913D2, I am still thinking about it. I have tried it and think that it will improve my driving. If I can earn some extra cash as well...

    Good luck.


  7. larry m

    Tough question. You can never have enough drivers ,wedges, and putters. I have them all over the house. With the release of new clubs every couple of years it is hard for most of us to keep up. I have always upgraded when i could but except for the shaft i would not beleive any of us would notice the difference in the 2 heads. For me the shaft is what is making the biggest changes in club feel. If your funds are not rite start with shaft upgrades for your 910.

  8. Don O

    Several of the shafts not "Designed for Titleist" are $275.  With $100 trade-in on a 910 D, that's almost the price of a 913.  For $25 more, I'd get fitted for a whole new one.  If I was going to pony up the $275 for a shaft.

  9. Bill H

    Thanks for all the good advice. I have decided to hang on to my 910D3 driver for a while longer and upgrade my 3 wood. I have been playing the same 904f fairway wood for about 6 years. I'll wait and get a 913F-d, I know the technology will be an upgrade!


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