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SureFit Tour Weights 913 D2


 I have looked everywhere on the net for a SureFit Tour Weight Kit for my new 913 D2 I just purchased.  Can anyone please post a website that sells the weight kit.  Thanks. 


Nathan K. Welchert

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  1. Don O

    Any authorized dealer can order them.  Apparently the full kit is currently on back order for a few more weeks (3/1 the latest).  If you ordered your club online, if the site is connected to an authorized dealer, you should be able to call them or post a question, even if it is not in their online catalog.

  2. jeff l

  3. welchertn

    I ordered mine thru Edwin Watts and there was no option to order a kit or individual weights.  I'll just wait until March to look again.  Thanks! 


    Nathan K. Welchert

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