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910F or 910FD

Jim M

I'm a senior with a 14 handicap who is a high ball hitter with lots of spin.  The fitter put me in a 910D3 9.5 with a regular RIP shaft that has worked well for me. I'm distanced challenged so  I have been playing a 910F 13.5 degree knocked down to 12.75 and a 10F 17 degree.  .  I still get a balloon into the wind on the 13.5.  I am a sweeper and tend to hit most fairways thin.  If I am hitting it low on the face would an FD be an option or should I stay with the 910F?  Should I consider finding a RIP shaft for my fairways or stay with the kai'li that I have now.  Any comparison of the 913's to the 910's?

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  1. Bret P

    I would keep the 910f and go out and buy a heavier, lower launching and lower spinning shaft. If you want to keep the high launch ( not a bad thing with a fairway) I would check out the fuijikura motore f3 80 grams. It's what I use and I love it.

  2. tyler b

    with the 910fd the face is deeper. if im correct its for players that hit it off the tee alot if you hit it low off the face your not going to get the correct performance of the 910fd. you would have to hit it higher off the face. the 910f would help you the best 

  3. larry m

    I have a 910 FD 15 and hit alot lower than the 910 F. it has the ilima 61 R shaft aslo which is suppose to be a mid high flight. If you want to lower your flight this will do it.

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