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John H

i currently play miz jpx 800 for there forginess, if i played all titilest would that help me improve my game because iv been told the high handicapper should stay away from titilest.

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  1. Quintin H

    Thats a funny one.

    Concerning golf, never listen to the person that told you that.

  2. Ron M.

    There's no golf club with improvement guarantee...I will admit, I feel more confident when I swing my AP2's....Lessons, practice, and more practice and lessons will improve your game...Titleist make's club's that will perform with your ability.....When I hit a 8 Iron on the button, I know it's going 160-165, that's confident's ...that's improvement....

  3. Christian J

    That person was wrong.  Iron wise, Titleist makes the AP1's which offer the same type of forgiveness as the JPX's.  These irons are great for you and me who are more concerned on lowering our skills.  Back in the day Titleist clubs were for the better golfer but have since changed.  They now offer the AP1's and AP2's which work better for the higher handicaps.

  4. Lou G

    John H

    i currently play miz jpx 800 for there forginess, if i played all titilest would that help me improve my game because iv been told the high handicapper should stay away from titilest.

    Like they say, that is probably the biggest farce.   There are low handicappers that use game improvement irons and carry nothing above a 6 or 7 iron and use a flex, and they have killer short games.   There are high handicappers that use triple x flex shafts and get pro distance but have a pathetic short game.   I am in the current category and was in the latter category in my youth (I could hit an X31 7 iron 165 yards  back in 1976 and could hit a laminated 3 wood close to 300 yards but my putting was horrible and so was my sand play; I generally shot around 94 or 95).    My best score ever was last Friday (+1 for 9 holes with 2 birdies on a short par 34 course) and I drive about 220-240 with a 13* driver. 

    You do have to have reasonable ball striking ability to use Titleists, especially with the fairway woods.   I get much better distance with a 910F vs a TM Burner fairway but the latter is more forgiving.   In regards to irons, I used to hit DCI 981 irons much more accurately than Eye 2 but the latter were more forgiving.   My iron play has improved over the Eye 2s with AP1s.

  5. Don O

    Apparently you have a handicap somewhere north of 20.  If your average score is over 100, then you need to get your swing analyzed more than a new set of clubs.  the JPX 800 irons are not a bad starting point for game improvement (irons that are more forgiving on mishits than the muscle back irons the top pros use).  Many on this Team have commited to up their game to take advantage of clubs that stretch their abiity.  Even though I have AP1s, I was batting some super game improvement clubs that were purchased 2 cycles out of date to get my 130+ once every year or so.  I've taken lesson, gotten into the 90s with a goal of the 80s this year.  So I'm a better player with Titleist.  You don't have to have a single digit handicap to benefit from Titleist.



  6. Jack L

    Titleist in no manner is a company to stay away from as a high handicapper. They offer forgiving clubs that still have the sleekness any player would like, and those are the AP2s. They also offer balls for people who do not compress the balls as well as others, such as the PROV1s and NXTs. Give the AP2s a try. Hope this helps!

  7. Lou G

    My two cents is someone needs to get their fundamentals down before outlaying over $2000 for a new set of golf clubs.  In order to get fit properly you need to hit properly.  Also part of the learning process is experimenting with used clubs and even set makeup.   To be honest, I probably would play to a 20 handicap if I used a conventional setup (10* neutral driver-3-5 woods, 3-PW, SW, LW).   I play TM 13* draw driver, 910F 19*, 910H 21 and 27*, persimmon 34H, AP1 7-PW. SM4 52-12 and 60-10 and White Hot 7H putter.  Best score was last week (+1 on a par 34 short course) but I generally score around 42-44 for 9 holes (or 85 for 18) on a regulation course.  I found out 6 years ago that I could no longer hit a 3 wood or 3-6 irons.  I also developed a strong short game.

    If you are intent on taking your game to the next level, Titleist is the way to go.

  8. agray

    A little bit of every comment holds true. If you are willing to drop money on high end clubs, take the time to get fitted. AND get a swing analyzation/lesson also. BUT new technology will help your game, how much will depend on the fit. You need the right size, right flex, and right corrections to maximize the gains. If cost isn't a factor then go all in with a new set, if you want to start slow look at the weakness of your game(or major weakness) and grab those. New driver, hybrids, irons or wedges can all help to start. My one warning, is that this will help (if you practice some) and you will then want to get the next area for help! I started with my driver, 3w and a hybrid. soon then grabbed the next loft of hybrid. Moved on to wedges...started with a 56% soon had a 52% and 60. Then had all my irons(that i love) re-shafted and re-gripped. It's not magic but technology does work. Read the club reviews for golf digest, they will give you a place to start looking. They usually give a break down of what parts of the game it set helps.From there go to demo days or pro shop and hit them for yourself. Also no one says you have to play the same clubs through out your bag. Find the brand of each type of club that you love!

  9. John H

    thanks everybody for your responses, i am a 22 handicap i usually only play twice a month.

  10. Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    I was a 27 hcp when I first got my AP1's about 18 months ago, I am a 22 today. Probably mostly because of renewed commitment to practice, playing every other week and getting a lesson from a PGA professional, but my Titleist clubs sure helped find consistency.

    What I always tell people is to go to a store that will let you try their clubs without tape off of grass tees, and try EVERYTHING. I must have tried 15-20 different clubs of all top brands and for me it turned out that the AP1's were the ones that I hit best. Just get a bunch of 6 irons in different brands and start hitting balls. The good stores will give you virtually unlimited balls to try if you are a serious buyer. When you found the one that you like, then get yourself fit.

    it's a personal preference, whatever YOU like best. But to say Titleist is not for high handicaps is just plain silly.

  11. Robert O

    Good Day John H., I'm 18 handy cap play 27 holes a week. I have all Titleist  in my bag. The only recommendation I have is get fit tested it is worth the experience and you will have no problem playing the Titleist club. My game defiantly in-proved.

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