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Michael D

I am 24 and a 6 hdcp. I currently play Titleist 762Bs with DG X100 shafts from 4-9. I take a shallow/medium divot on my iron shots.  I hit around a 190-195 yrd 5 iron for reference. I would love to stay with Titleist. I am looking at the CBs and the MBs. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Michael A

    First is get fit.  This is what I did before I got my 712 MBs.  I loooooooooove the feel of these irons but might not be the best for another golfer.  Im a digger and the MB's tear threw the ground with no issues.  I can work the ball a lot better then I could before also (went from DCI 990 to 712 MBs)  The shaft is important, in my mind, just like the club head is.  I went from true temper shafts to KBS and its just amazing what it changed  as far as ball flight and feel.  Some even go with a mixed set of clubs.. Cb's for long irons and MBs for short irons.  Every golfer is different so again... I would get fit and hit the different types of irons that Titleist offers.  Theres a lot that you should tell the fitter so they can dial in on what your looking for... high or lower ball flight, feel, forgivness etc etc.  Hope this helps you out on your choice!!


  2. CHAD l

    Nippon Modus 3 X flex is what I have in my 712MB and I love them. Best shaft ever made

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