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Red dots popped out of the back of my Cameron Calif Fastback

george t

I noticed during my round yesterday that two of the red dots on my California Fastback were missing, and the third was about to go.  I thought these were paint fills, but it appears to be more like a red plastic cell pressed in.  Is it possible to get replacements?

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  1. Cameron D


    Please take your putter to any authorized Titleist retailer, where they can setup an RA with our Warranty and Repairs Department.       Contact Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST if you have any issues setting this up.



  2. george t

    Thank you Cameron.  I dropped my Scotty off at my local Titleist retailer today, and it should be en route to the Warranty and Repairs department tomorrow.

    It is still strange how the paint fill "dropped out" in tact.  I demoed the Fastback about 3 weeks before they were available for delivery.  Were there any issues with prep prior to paint?

  3. Cameron D


    Not exactly sure.  Sending the putter in will assist our Warranty and Repairs Department in figuring out what may have caused this to happen.  Let me know if you have any other questions.



  4. george t

    Thank you Cameron.  Fortunately, or maybe not, temps with wind chill are in the single digits (if not below zero), so I won't be seen on a course this weekend.  But I always have my Futura to fall back on I find myself suddenly in some warm part of the country.  Others may struggle with how it looks, but I'll never let it go.

  5. george t

    Putter came back and looks absolutely great!  I didn't learn what  had happened, which is too bad, because I'd be interested if playing in the winter temps had any effect.

    Thank you for your help

  6. Christie B

    My daughter also lost one red dot on her Monterey  (less than a year old).   High School golf season starts tomorrow and she can't be without her putter... any suggestions?  

  7. clayton t

    hi christie if you still got the dots go to lowes and get "lock tite" super bond last longer than putter...... or dots are lost go to a hobby store find something that will work .... or t shirts place get air brush

  8. Ken W

    The dot is just cosmetic. If she doesn't have a backup that will do for a few weeks, just have her keep putting with it. If it puts you at ease, call Titleist and they will set up a return authorization number now so the club is in the system and you can send it in when a good time presents itself.

  9. Roger G

    A dot disappeared from my Scotty Cameron Putter and I contacted the Titelist mob based in Melton and they told me to take it into my proshop and have them contact Titelist and they will arrange for it to be repaired at no cost to me. They said the dot is paint - believe it or not.
  10. Richard F

    If i were to color customize a scotty cameron newport 2.0 2016 putter, where would i buy different colored backs, or should i just paint over the standard red color on the back.

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