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adjusting loft on AP2

John N

I played with the AP2 710 and did not get the distance I thought I should.  I sold that set and have regretted it ever since.  I truly miss the feel and am considering going back with the AP2 712 now and would like to know if the lofts could be adjusted 2 degrees, making the 7 iron a 33 instead of the 35 degree.  Is this a good option and are there any drawbacks.  If so is it possible to get the clubs ordered that way since lie will probably have to be adjusted as well.  I would feel pretty confident that they would come back from the factory exactly as I ask, am I right?  Any insight would be appreciated.

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  1. Brad S

    Yes they will come exactly as you request from the factory.  I ordered my AP2 710 from the factory 2 up and 1 strong, so I know you can get them this way.

  2. Rogelio Villarreal

    thats a good idea!!!!

    I'd really like to try the new CB OR MB blades. I have the DCI 981 and would really like an upgrade!

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The lofts of our AP2, CB and MB irons are much more traditional so distances are also more traditional.  We can bend all three of those models up to 2° strong, but that also takes down the bounce.  If you need the lie adjusted as well, we can do that too.  As always, we would recommend seeing a good fitter to make sure the specs are correct for you. 

  4. John N

    Thanks for the all the responses, they have made me feel more comfortable with the decision to go back to those AP2 irons.  Changing the bounce does not excite me so I may only change 1 degree.  I will follow your suggestion and go to a good fitter who  will be able to confirm the lie and then order these for me.  I may be all Titleist again, I have the 913D2 driver and a great Scotty Cameron select putter I absolutely love.  Would this qualify me for a Titleist Bag Tag?  Just saying thanks again for the insight and help!

  5. Chris92009

    Great points...glad to know Titleist can accomodate this request...on a sidenote one should remember that a change in loft will also adjust the bounce on he bottom of the iron...this would only be a big deal if you tend to "dig" or "pick" your iron shots off the turf.  I am a digger so adding bounce helps me but if I go strong on the lofts it will take away bounce and that is not a good thing for me...maybe I am splitting hairs but it seems to be a factor for my swing style to consider...

    Just my two cents...

  6. John N

    That is not splitting hairs, those are good points from experience, which is exactly what I need.  Are you playing the AP2?  I probably would be considered a digger as well, so bounce may be more important than I realize.  I did not seem to have any problems with the 710's I had, just distance.

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