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910D3 vs. 913D3



Who much difference are there - seriously - from the 910D3 to the new 913D3?

I have just hitted the 910D3 again, and I actually hit it better sometimes than the 913D3. I have an avg. clubhead speed on 112 mph and I am using the same shaft.

So maybe the difference for me, isn't there. Have you seen that before?

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  1. Keith M

    my buddy says he didnt see a big improvement if any at all. I on the other hand saw a 20 yd gain, same shaft and set-up as my 910 d3. my avg club head speed is around 125, says the monitor at golf galaxy with ball speed around 180ish. So i went from hitting my 910 around 320's to 340-50's with the 913.

    I also just hit the new x-hot driver and that thing is just that, hot! Crushing the ball the same as the 913, dont really care for cally equipment so no changing for me.

    Hope this gives you some good info.

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