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Sure-fit Compatibility?

Brad J

Probably already discussed somewhere but I couldn't find it.  Will the shafts from my 910 series woods fit in the 913s?  For some reason I'm thinking that I heard the drivers will be interchangeable but the fairways will not.  Anyone know?

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  1. Eric S

    You are right. Drivers yes fairways and hybrids no. 

  2. Christian J

    You're right.  Only the drivers are going to be compatible, and the fairway woods are not.  When they were working on the fairway woods, they had to change the sure fit hosel in some way not making them interchangeable.   If you still want to use the same shaft though, take it to a local shop and they should be able to order the new connection and instill it for you.  If that doesn't work take it to your local Titleist Rep, and have them order that shaft so it is compatible with the new 913's. 

  3. Cameron D


    You are correct.  The driver shafts for the 910 will be compatible with the 913, but the fairway and hybrids will not be compatible. 



  4. Brad J

    Thanks everyone.  That helps as I start getting ready for the season.  

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