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How do you clean your 913's ?


Okay, here is a bit strange question.

After a day on the range, hitting a lot of balls from the tee with my 913D3 it gets pretty colorful under the sole. All the wooden tees in different colors.

How do you clean it? I don't like it that way, and I want to clean it after each day of practice, but I can't. I tried with soap and a nailbrush, but didn't work.

The best way - I've seen so far - to remove all the colors from the tees is in rainy weather and just wipe the club in the wet grass, but it's not raining everyday, so can you tell me a little trick?


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  1. Francesco F

    I usually clean all my clubs with a sponge and warm/hot water and soft soap. I've always been able to remove all the tee marks from under the clubs w/o scratching them.

    Same applys to the astroturf marks on irons after a practice session. I either use a wire brush or a dish sponge.

  2. Eric S

    I would think some dish soap and some elbow grease would do the trick. You need to get some pride pro length natural wood colored tees. I've seen them at every golf shop I've ever been in. They will not leave marks. I used to use black tees but I can't find them anymore, wooden ones anyway and I refuse to use plastic. Hope this helps

  3. Robert Sellman

    I clean all my clubs with Simple Green with the spray nozzle that makes it foam. It attacks the dirt and whatever else is on the club head, then I scrub it with a scrub brush that won't scratch the head. I've been doing this for years and it works great for me.

  4. Wade W

    One tip: Don't submerge any 910 or 913 in water when cleaning.

    I use water, dish soap, and a trusty brush.  I'm not going to rip the finish with an aggressive chemical.


  5. Steven S

    Really easy and effective way that i do after every round is a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Those things really are magic on a golf club and it doesn't remove club details, just the unwanted dirt/marks. This is especially good because you can scrub with the eraser and no need for a brush. Hope this helps.

  6. Brian V

    This will sound crazy, but can help. Go to the range with a can of the non-stick cooking spray Pam. Lightly spray the bottom of the driver. If you don't hit the ground too often, it will reduce the paint from the tees from sticking. You can wipe it right off and hit it again if you like. I am sure other things can help...a light film of Vaseline...just don't get it on your grips!
  7. James G

    I don't have the 913d but the TM r11s also has a black face with the same problem. I use running alcohol and it comes right off with a paper towel or rag. 

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