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My 913 experience. Not the best

William S

     Hey guys. I am what some would call a Titleist loyalist. I have 712 mbs, sm4 wedges, scotty California, and 910 woods. I received a 913 d3 for an early Christmas present and decided to try it out. I didn't see it to be any longer than my 910. And also from using it for a month the middle of the face is all scratched up. At my country club and all of the range balls are in good condition so it's not that and I always make sure to use the nicer ones. And another thing that happened to me was that the shaft broke. I was in the middle of a tournament and it just snapped mid swing. I sent it in and for the couple of weeks it is away I am using a demo shaft. Just want to hear how your experience with the new line is. Just to sum it up, not very impressed.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi William,  Between the face scratches and the shaft breaking, it doesn't sound like a good experience and we apologize for that.  Can you give us a call at Team Titleist?

  2. Gator


    I absolutely love my 913D3 driver.  The performance of the new 913 drivers is even better than the 910's, especially on the mishits.  

    Stick with it and I'm sure you will love it.

  3. James G

    I have all titleist except for my woods which are TM, I tried the 913d2 and really wanted to like it but it just felt "dead". So unfortunately I have to agree, I'm not impressed. 

  4. Greg H

    Just got my new 913 D2 driver and I really like it.  Stick with it and I'm sure it will grow on you. Just the sound is an improvement.

    I'm looking forward to moving to the new 913 fairway and hybrid whenever they get released.  I'm a little opposite of you, I didn't care for the 910 driver and went back to my 909.  But the 913 driver is much better that the 910 in my opinion! 

    Good luck, hit 'em long and strong!

  5. Greg R

    I got my 913 d2 on december 21 and i am loving every second of it. Big improvment from my old TM burner 2.0.

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