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Titleist AP2 irons

Chris K

How are the AP2's? I'm looking to get new irons and they look nice. I'm yet to hit them but I heard they're solid. How do they feel when you hit them solid or when you miss-hit them? 


Chris K. 

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  1. Jan-Ivan L

    AP2's are great sticks!  I'm not sure what you're currently using but I was playing 710 CB/MB combo set and I haven't looked back.  I'm hitting more greens without having to sacrifice feel.  They look pretty close to a blade and are easy to work up and down.  If you can get the right shaft you won't be disappointed.

  2. Ron M.

    I'm learning to love them....They have influenced my game to improve...When I hit them solid it feels like cutting butter...When I miss-hit them I plan on going to the range....A miss-hit give's me feedback about my swing and encourages me to improve....They are sexy looking also ....The best feature's are the distance control  and workability..

  3. eboos

    I've had mine for a few months now, and I love them. Great workability, but also forgiving. Mishits will be felt, but could often be gotten away with. Pure shots feel great. They are very consistant with distance.

  4. clayton t

    got mine last month still learning use them but i love them!!!

  5. Jan-Ivan L

    FWIW, you really don't see a whole lot of 712 AP2's on the "used clubs" rack at your local golf shop and a lot of the Titleist staff members play them.

  6. Mike C

    I played the 710 AP2's and moved over to the 712 AP2's when they were introduced.  These are the best overall irons I have ever played.  They are workable but also forgiving on shots that are slightly off.  As with any club, it is critical that you are fit into the correct shaft for your swing.  Spend the time and $ to get professionally fitted and it will make all of the difference.  People tend to underestimate the importance of the correct shaft and club setup.

  7. clayton t

    how do 712 compare to 710s i got my 710 last month thinking of saving up changing to 712

  8. Mike C

    To be honest, in my experience the clubs are very similar on solid strikes.  On miss-hits, the 712 seem to be a little more forgiving.  Overall they are very comparable.  The 712 has a little bit thinner topline so it looks better at address and the sole width is a little thinner on the shorter clubs.  If I remember right, I think they also moved the weight around to be more heel and toe centered (which leads to the additional forgiveness). 

    I always try to play with the new equipment when Titleist releases a new model.  If they are making some (however small or great) improvements to the club, I want to benefit from it.  Is it worth it to replace a set you bought last month?  That is really a personal dscision.  Go hit your clubs and the 712s at the same time to get a feel for any differences and how the clubs look to your eye.  Also, make sure you are properly fitted and that the setup is correct in both clubs so you are comparing apples to apples.

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