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DCI 962 ?????

David C

I have a set of Titleist DCI irons that i bought new at a proshop in Indy several years ago.  They look exactly like 962's but there is no 962 logo on the iron anywhere.  There is also no serial # on the irons that i can find.  I was told that were prototypes.  Does anyone out there have the real answer for me?  They still perform flasslessly and as a matter of fact, i just put project x shafts in them for the 2013 season.  I am just curious what I actually have here...

Thanks and God Bless!

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  1. Ritch G

    If I recall correctly, as was told to me by a Titleist rep at a demo day many years back, the original DCI came out in 1996.  I had a set.  When I saw the 962 at the demo the next spring (97), the rep said it was a second edition of the original thus the designation 962.  I really like those irons.  I was still playing them in 2002 when they were stolen.  It is perhaps because I didn't get to end the love affair on my own terms, but I still miss those irons.

  2. David C

    I don't know when this love affair will end and don't care.  I still have a lot of confidence in them.  I did however just found and bought a set of 962B's.  Boy are those little jewels sweet...

  3. Chris S

    I think you are correct Ritch. If I remember right they were known as DCI BLACK. I had a set also.

  4. Ken W

    Ritch is correct. We called the 96 version the DCI Blacks. The 962 designation was added the following year.

  5. Quintin H

    According to previous models under clubs on this site, the DCI Black is nothing like the 962

  6. Ritch G

    Attached is a photo of the two iron from my old set.  It wasn't in the bag when the clubs were stolen.  This model does not appear in the photos from the club archive.

  7. Aaron B

    I have a couple sets of 962B's they were great and were replaced by my current 735cm irons. Let me know if you need any replacements as I have a back up for a backup of those irons.

  8. Joseph M

    OK- do you know what " DCI " stands for?

  9. Wade W

    If I recall correctly, early 1996 saw the introduction of the DCI remake (following the popular gold and black (more and less offset, respectively) models).  For the first several months of the year, no "962" appeared on the clubhead.

    I had a full set (my first custom gear) that were chromed.  Loved those babies!


  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Joseph M

    OK- do you know what " DCI " stands for?

    It stands for Direct Central Impact
  11. Joseph M

    Thank you for your quick reply Cathi. All these years and never knew till now

  12. Chuck Z

    I won a set of the DCI gold in a golf tournament and eventually sold them for $100 after having them for a number of years. Never could hit them. Then tried a number of other brands and here I am back to Titleist with 100% in my bag this time and am very pleased and can actually hit these clubs.

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