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wanting more advice

Erin K

im looking at upgrading my clubs. i currently have 03ish dci oversized clubs. between the ap1 and ap2, which would feel about the same? 

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  1. Don O

    The AP1 has a similar offset to the DCI Oversize with a larger face than other Titleist irons.  The AP2 is less of a game improvement club in terms of face size and offset.  The AP2 is still forgiving, so if you expect your ballstriking is either above average (of all golfers) or you expect to commit to improve, you should try both   At the cost of a new set, I'd like to hit off of grass with a monitor.  Hitting off of a mat does seem to improve ball striking.  On a side by side comparison, the AP1 is closer, but you may want to get more feel and workability with the AP2.

    Don't get me wrong - my AP1s help on enough miss hits that I love them to death.

  2. Carlos G

    The ap1 feel more forgiving the the ap2's. These feel a bit more like the perimiter weighted dci's you have.

    I would go with these.

  3. Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    You should really see for yourself what you like best. Go to a golf store that has a range with grass tees, hat will let you hit anything without tape. If you are seriously looking they will provide virtually unlimited balls to try. Hit a few buckets of balls with a variety of clubs and when you narrowed it down get properly fit. Some stores will take the fitting fee as a discount toward the price of the clubs.

  4. Robert O

    Good Day Erin K., I'm an 18 handicap, 58 yrs old when I fit tested I found the AP 2s to be the more forgiven clubs. I highly recommend doing an fit test with Titleist well worth the investment. Hope my in-put helps. Waiting for the warm weather to get out on the lynx.

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