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driver shaft help

lance y

I am getting the 913 d3 and want some help with shaft selection. I want a shaft that is a little heavier but I feel like alot of the heavy shafts have lower torque and feel like I'm swinging a board. I want a shaft that I can still feel the club head any recommendations?

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  1. S Miller


    You should really go see a local Titleist Club Fitter to fit you for the shaft properly. That way you can see the difference for yourself as far as ball speed, carry distance and roll. Shafts react differently for each player.

    Good Luck to you in your search!

  2. lance y

    thanks for the reply. I have been to several places none anywhere near me have a x flex I really like the diamana d+ 72. my fear is I have only hit it in a Stiff flex and If I go to a x I don't want it to feel like a board but the fitter said with my swing speed I will need an x

  3. Joshua O

    I understand the your feeling. I am probably the other direction. Currently I have the "Phenom" in my 913 D3 that is a X Stiff. I didnt have a club fitter avaible when i was purchasing the club so I went just with the numbers. While of a work vacation I was able to hit the new club on a trackman in Dallas and get fitted for new Vokey wedges. My numbers showed that I should probably have ordered it tipped .5 inches to increase the stiffness. If your ever in the DFW area contact @Kyle_ClubFitter on twitter, he can get you dialed in.

    A little wordy but the gist is hit one at a fitter and dont be impatient like me.


    I hit the all of the new adjustable drivers (R1, ....) and you will not go wrong with the 913! excellent driver

  4. S Miller

    I understand your concern. I can tell you based on experience of playing the Diamana White 72X (made for Titleist) for years, as well as having the new Diamana + 72X in the 913, I don't believe it is 'boardy' like some of the other low torque shafts. I recently went through another Staff fitting during the PGA Show and I was adjusted to have my current shaft tipped 1" to produce the shots that I was looking for. If there is any way you can find an X to hit, please do so to take the guess work out of your mind. 

     Where are you located that you don't have anything available to you?

    All the Best!

  5. lance y

    No there are several golf shops but the shaft I've been trying out is diamana d+ 72, no store I've called with in 50 miles has it in an x flex on stiff.

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    You don't say where you are located, but all our Advanced Fitters and our SureFit Cart fitters have the X flex in their matrix.  Here is the link to the fitters:

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