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913 vs 910

chris b

just to get an opinion .....

I currently play the 910 D2 and I am considering the 913.  I have a tendency to hit the ball a little too high for my taste ... I would like to reduce the spin rate and hit more of a boring trajectory.  Will I attain a lower spin rate by switching to the 913, with all other factors being the same??  (the same shaft, ball, etc.)  Incidentally, what if I switched from a ProV1 to the ProV1 X??  Would that be a simpler and less expensive solution??

would apreciate any thoughts

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  1. Christian J

    Switching to the ProV1x would definitely help your cause.  The ProV1x is designed for less spin off of the which is what you're looking for.  You will lose a bit of touch around the green though, but the distance should make up for that.  My advice would be to go try the 913.  You may decide that it works better for you.  Going back to your last question, that would solve part of your problem.

  2. chris b

    So my best bet would be to gets the 913 and the X and I would be set! 

  3. Robert J

    The 913 head is a lower spinning head than the 910 head, but you should also consider loft to reduce launch angle if it indeed is too high, for a more boring trajectory. ideally, go see a fitter to make sure you get the optimal equipment for your game.

  4. chris b

    I have a 9.5 degree driver set at the D2 setting which essentially brings it down to an 8.5 degree ..... what gives??  the ball still seems to balloon and reach its peak trajectory down range and then just "drop" out of the sky!

    i guess i need to spend more time on the range or with a fitter .... which i have time for neither of!  I was looking for a quick fix I guess!

  5. S Miller


    Based on what you are saying the club and ball will help only a little. Your spin rate seems high which is why the ball is dropping out of the sky. Overall, it really depends on how satisfied you are with your game. What is it in your ball flight you are looking for? Are you looking for 20-30 more yards or do you want to hit more fairways? If you are looking for more yardage, you should probably see you local PGA Professsional to work on your technique and reduce your spin. The only way to reduce that much spin is to make sure you are not hitting with a big decending blow. If you are spinning it that much than you can also look to the D3 head to help reduce some spin but it may not be the answer at this time.

    Best of Luck to you with your game.

  6. Ryan D

    quickest fix would for sure be the ball.  i generally play a ProV1x for the lower spin, but occaisonally play the ProV1.  I notice some of the same type of issue with the ballooning.  The X will absolutely give you a lower, more boring trajectory.

    What kind of shaft do you have in your 910?  I had the 910 D2 with the kai li shaft, then bought a 910 D3 with the ahina shaft, which is heavier and produces a lower ball flight.  I only ask as it helped me alot to get the lower trajectory i was looking for.

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