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Upgraded shafts

Joe L

Are the upgraded shafts for Woods and hybrids really that much better than the Stock options available for titleist woods and hybrids?  I have stock Diamana Ka'li shafts in all my clubs, but would like to upgrade if it is that big of a difference.  Problem is some of this shafts cost upward of $175 or so...Thats a lot of $$$ to add to an already costly club.  Any opinions on the stock shafts vs upgrades..thanks

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  1. The Saunders

    The best answer is go try it! Go to your local shop and try the same driver with different shaft options. That's if it's possible, IMO I have tried different shafts and have seen little difference between stock and the "upgraded" shaft. The weight is the thing I noticed the most, going from a 50g to a 65g. Not really enough difference for the amateur player.

  2. S Miller


    Make sure you are fit properly for the exotic upgrade shaft. It will be a waste of money just to say that you have an exotic shaft if it does not perform for you. If the stock shaft produces the shot shape and quality that you want then you will have your answer.

    Best of luck!

  3. Tim Tiger

    I really like my GD  DI AD7X.  It is more to upgrade, but the feeling and confidence is a major boost.


  4. S Miller


    You should make sure you are properly fitted for your shaft. It would be a waste of money just to say you have an exotic shaft in your clubs. If you are happy with the shaft that you currently have and the ball flight is matching what your hands are doing and the shot shape is what you are visualizing then you have your answer.

    Best of luck to you!

  5. Robert J

    The latest "standard" offering shafts from Titleist for the 913 series would reasonably fit over 85% of golfers going in for a fitting, unless they specifically were looking for shaft characteristics different than the Aldila or Mitsubishi Rayons which are standard. 

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