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Considering AP1 irons. Should I wait until 2014 for next upgrade?

Dan M

Considering purchasing AP1 irons.  Shoudl I wait for new model in 2014?

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  1. Christian J

    The current set of AP1's are a great choice.  This really depends on you.  If you want new irons now, then go get them.  If you can wait, the new ones should be released sometime in November and will probably be just a little bit better.  Either ones you go with you will be happy because Titleist always makes the best equipment.

  2. eboos

    I see it almost like buying a computer. There is always something better going to come out. If you want the AP1s, then buy them now and start enjoying them. Assuming you plan to get them because your game will benefit from the new clubs, then why wait? Enjoy those benefits this season. Worry about next season later.

  3. Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    When I got my 710 AP1s a couple of years ago, they were just about to come out with the 713s. At the time I was considering waiting until after they released them, and then buying the older ones, in the hope that they'd come down in price. When I saw that the 2008 version of the AP1s were not coming down in price, I pulled the trigger on the 710s. They were a little bit less expensive and I just flushed them in my tests. 

    Whether it's clubs or computers or anything, I don't get hung up on having the latest greatest to begin with. Stuff in general is just so good these days you really can't go wrong, and irons don't come any better than Titleist ones. My 710 AP1s are just phenomenal, I LOVE them. I do not regret getting the older ones at all (well they were current when I got them). I do have to admit that I have not tried the 712s just in case they ARE better :).

    I'd say try the current ones and if you like them, get them. For me, it makes no sense to wait for the next best thing, you'd only be robbing yourself of the joy of playing these clubs over the summer. If having the latest greatest is important to you though, you might think it's worth your while. 

  4. Norris

    Dan; I just bought the 712's two weeks ago, and they are great. As was mentioned before, if you wait, you'll miss out on using the 712's all season, and the new season is just starting. If your wanting to upgrade, buy yourself the 712's and you won't be sorry. Also, There is always bigger, ans better things coming next year, so if your waiting for "next year" your may be playing the 710's forever. Be sure to go to dealer that can fit you for the 712's if you can. BTW: Since their talking about doing away with pennies, I guess this is my nickels worth.

  5. Keano26

    I just picked up a set of AP1 712's myself about two weeks ago. They are unbelievable. Definitely the sweetest-looking clubs I've ever swung. I'm in NY though, so I'm in the snow for another month...Question though, is there anything that can be done to hide the tiny scratches on the chrome?

  6. eboos


    Question though, is there anything that can be done to hide the tiny scratches on the chrome?

    If you are refering to the scratches on the toe from a mishit... ummm...

    *insert joke*

    ;) mine are scratched too.

  7. Keano26

    You are probably right! But seriously, the scratches are from a supposed ''golf mat'' I bought on the internet for 80 bucks. The thing looked legit online, but once I took about 5 swings on it, the thing basically fell apart and scratched the heck out of the chrome. I understand chrome will scratch, especially on golf clubs; but I didn't expect them to scratch so quickly and easily. Wise guy!!!!!!!!!!!

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